Auto Repairs & Services

Transmissions, Brakes, Exhaust, and more

Our auto repair service is offered on all make and model vehicles. We service customers in Havertown, Upper Darby, Newtown Square, Bryn Mawr, ArdmoreDrexel Hill, Broomall and other areas of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Call to schedule an auto repair service appointment.

computer-diagnosisComputer Diagnosis

Is your check engine light or service soon light on? We can check your computer for codes & data at no charge to customers. We diagnose all computer codes and recommend repair service.

transmission-repairTransmission Repair

Does your car have trouble shifting? Hard or delayed shifting usually indicates a problem with your transmission. Get it checked out before it needs to be replaced. Keep up with regular transmission fluid flushes and maintenance.

brake-repairBrake Repair

Does your car pulsate or stop unevenly? Is the ABS light on on your dashboard? We repair and replace worn brake parts, brake lines, rotors, drums, anti-lock brake parts etc.

radiator-repairRadiator Repair

Car Overheating, Smoking, or Leaking? Do your windows fog up even when your defrosters are on? If you see steam, smell something sweet burning, or your temperature gauge is above normal, its time to bring your vehicle in for service. We handle all types of cooling system repair like heater cores, hoses, radiator repair, air conditioning etc.

engine-repairEngine Repair

Does your car run poorly, have trouble starting, or leak oil all over your driveway? Our engine repair specialists can help fix the problem. We offer engine tune-ups, timing belts, gasket replacement, oil changes, fuel pump repair, spark plug replacement and more. Your problem could be a minor repair with early diagnosis.

exhaust-repairExhaust and Muffler Repair

Does your car sound like a bus? Did your vehicle fail an emissions test? When your car is louder than normal you probably have a leak in you exhaust. We replace exhaust pipes, mufflers, catalytic converters and more.